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We love you Anne (Full Haitian Movie)

Creole/French version. Subtitled in English and Spanish (2h 8mn)

This is the sequel of the very popular “I love you Anne” movie. Anne has grown up and is now officially engaged to Kato. Jude is finally getting out of jail while some new characters such as the daughter of Pè Deme, Sofia, enter to destabilize the love game. Will Bicha still be able to control the events?


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  • That’s awesome, all the Haitian classic movies should be on the site. Congrats to all of you guys, those actors missed a lot.

  • Kisa sa ye la, bagay la the byen gratis Kounya nap Mande pou Pete e ce pa menm bay nap bay film nan net, e rent nap rent li. Anyway may swete nou fix li.

    • Bonjou. Fim yo te gratis pou yon ti bout tan paske se te yon espesyal. Espesyal la te sipoze dire yon semenn, nou kite l 3 mwa. Sit la se yon sit komesyal e nou peye dwa pou fim yo. Nou pa kapab kite tout gratis, tout tan. Fok kreyate yo jwenn konpansasyon pou travay yo. Mesi.

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