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The Simple Future (Short Haitian Movie)

Jay-P is ready to dinner when he finds a naked young man in his backyard. Is he a mad man who just escaped from an asylum or, as he claims, a time-traveller coming from the future?
This satyrical piece directed in 2011 by Richard Senecal, right after the Port-au-Prince earthquake, is an attempt to explore the uncertain future of Haiti.


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  • Film sa moutre yon future ki pasimist. Nou wè yon future kote lòt payi developeman kont pèp ayitian infondre peyi a, neye peyi a. Minm kreyol nèg la pa pale. Nou konnin nan constipation 1803 blan pat ka ashte tè Nan peyi a. Joudia yo posede anpil tè nan peyi a. Nan film nan nèg la palew ke li soty nan yon future kote yo vann tout nèt. Fòk ayitian leadership la pran min li. Pou nou fè annavan. Paske nou vle wè yo future kote ayiti ap pedu.

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