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The first trailer for the long awaited sequel of I love you Anne. Adapted from the songs by Antonio Cheramy (Don Kato), the movie features the same actors as its predecessor: Tonton Bicha, Nice Simon, Don Kato, Jo Zenny, Fresnel Larosilière plus the addition of some enexpected guests such as Gessica Geneus and Reginald Bastien (Ti Régi from Djakout Mizik). The script is by Dominique Jean. The film is directed by Richard Senecal and produced by Communication Plus.



41 Archived Responses to “We love you Anne - A first trailer.”

  1. nina Says:

    Oh my i can’t wait to see it, good job you guys.

  2. geralda Says:

    Good jobs.

  3. Imajkreyol Says:

    Congratulation Guys you doing a great Job Eventhough I was waiting for the 2nd one,Now Tell me wich Movie Theater it s gonna play first If it’s Haiti Or USA tell me.

  4. Imajkreyol Says:

    Congratulation Guys you doing a great Job Eventhough I was waiting for the 2nd one,Now Tell me wich Movie Theater it s gonna play first If it’s Haiti Or USA tell me please.

  5. Ciné Institute Says:

    Onè, respè! Let’s keep raising the bar.

  6. kurosawa Says:

    great job guyz!

  7. stephania Says:

    Vraiment je vous felicite les gars pour ce bon travail que vous faite au profit de la nation et la communautee haitienne. Bravo!!!!!!

  8. JSJULES Says:

    ~!~Congrats to You Guys This Will be Interesting~!~

  9. D Says:

    Mezaaaami! Alert the media! hahahaha. ITS ABOUT TIME.

  10. Gaetan1 Says:

    This is an outstanding movie.
    This is the month of October2009.

  11. Gaetan1 Says:

    Hi Geralda. I will stay in touch.

  12. Gaetan1 Says:

    Nice Comment. So long. Good Bye.

  13. Anderson D.Pierre Says:

    Hello.I hope this movie will be amazing like “i love you Anne”I would like Have un super Tonton Bicha.

  14. Anderosn D.Pierre Says:

    Bonsoir,si mwen pap viv an Haiti mwen ta renmen gade movie a koman mwen ka fe.

  15. Verona Says:

    Hi,mwen telman swaf movie a mwen pa ka tann anko.Tonton Bicha mwen konnen ou pap bay legen.

  16. alex Says:


  17. natalie Says:

    mezimi mwen se zi ile pom gade fim sa

  18. Antenor Peterson Says:

    Bagay male,mezanmi Anne rete li jonn,Ho senye,m’at tann li avek enpasyans rouchhhhhhhhhhh.

  19. gege Says:

    i wish we get to see this movie on this web sit when its on dvd,i realy wants to see this movie,cause the last one was good

  20. Jean Robintz Jean Says:

    Great job guys, I like the it; I can’t wait to see the movie. Hurry up guys!!!!!!!

  21. thurin,youseline Says:

    i like haitian movie

  22. thurin youseline Says:

    i need to watch haitian movies

  23. Sabine Says:

    wats da point of givin websites to go to if y’all noe y’all ain’t puttin the movies,like damn pissin me OFF

  24. admin Says:

    First of all you can get some movies here :
    More will be coming.

    Second I don’t remember you paying to post movies here. The service is free and available as is.

    Third you should learn to use a decent language and get some good education.

  25. ginbad4ever Says:

    movie sa bagay male net

  26. cutie Says:

    Is this movie ever coming out?

  27. PFRANCOIS Says:

    well this movie was long overdue and I wonder why it took them so long. I also expect a follow up for the movie( Barricades) because they both show the traditional haitian family of the 20th century.

    greaaaaat, hurraaaaaah.

  28. freemoviesdownloads Says:

    look it thnx for the trailer do anyone know from where can i get it ?

  29. Olivier Says:

    ahhhh mezanmi film lan fini depuis 3 ans deja so nou ka metel deyo i now so pkisa nou pa vle metel deyo

  30. enricky Says:

    i cant wait to watch that movie if any one know where i can find it let me know plse.
    Cinama haitien kenbe la.
    great job guys..

  31. Stanley Says:

    M ta byen renmen we fim nan wi!m pa konn sa kap pase ki fe nou bloke chef dóeuvre la!

  32. Alex Says:

    ahhhhh Enfin la suite

  33. Yvesdou Says:

    i can’t wait for this movie come out

  34. Thales Alicia Says:

    mwen ta byen renmen konn ki le fim sa ap soti.mwen anvi gade l’

  35. rosie charles Says:


  36. aleysha nicki mai Says:

    i cant wait to watch that movie…we love you anne <3

  37. Says:

    Will this movie ever come out ?
    I would like to resell it on my site.

  38. kettlie Says:

    I can’t wait to see that movie u guys need to hurry up wit it i love it.

  39. jolie Says:

    when is this movie coming out does anybody know

  40. Drucker Says:

    I love Jessica…
    i need a hook up..

  41. love Says:

    bon dat sa movie sa gen pou soti gade yon koze